実践ビジネス英語 2016年7月 The Writers’ Workshop


音楽雑誌「ユリイカ」が題材だと日本語の文章がとても情緒的な分、英訳しづらいです。久しぶりに取り組みたくない文章でしたがw なるべく続けていきたいので適当でもいいかと思って訳してみました。

Let's think about tiny happiness of people who work as a translator. They, especially on literature, seem to be in such a lucky place to have an privilege. They can stand by a writer most closely aside, behind or whatever. They look as if they were a couple or two siblings alone. If a translator spends all his or her time on the work for years, they as good as take each other for better or for worse. They are doing a three-legged race, well, more than that! They are one person together and the person plays two roles.

During this time, the translator can undergo funny "metamorphosis". It's a reward that sustains the work which doesn't pay off considering its hardship. For myself, I translated some novels of the writer of "The Metamorphosis" . In those days, there were a lot of scenes of Kafka: he was writing smoothly, agonizing, pondering with his pen down on his desk... On every scene, I stood by, witnessed and even became Kafka himself.

If I was asked for my name during the work at that time, I would possibly answer in a whisper, "I am Franz Kafka".

実践ビジネス英語 2016年6月 The Writers’ Workshop



列挙が多いので、and ばかりになってしまいました。こればかりは元の文章がそうなので、仕方ないでしょうか…。

Traveling around the world makes me feel as if I were watching an endless movie.

Countries and humans are changing all the time along the waves of the times. The speed of the changes is not the same, but they never stop. That's why traveling never bores us and I'd like to keep watching the endless movie.


I was born in Kobe in 1928 (Showa 3).

There were the war and the defeat, and I experienced the tectonic shift of the values around the world. Then I studied in the U.S., came back to Japan because of illness, began working as a journalist, etc...

My life over 80 years has a variety of changes and I have encountered a lot of events, but when I review it, I still feel the heaviness of the TV program "KAORU KANETAKA in Hopping Around The World" (abbr. "Hopping Around The World" below). This TV program had continued for indeed 31 years from 1959 to 1990.

I played many roles in the program. For example, an interviewer on the spots, a coordinator, a producer and a director at the same time and a narrator. So I spent a half of each year abroad and 99% of my life then in this program. Through "Hopping Around The World", I've learned how to live and work, and the way to interview and understand the world. It was definitely a school of human life for me.

I was 31 years old when the program started, and it ended when I was 62.

実践ビジネス英語 2016年5月 The Writers’ Workshop


日本語を訳す時、which の継続用法が便利で多用してしまう癖があることに気がつきました。時間の流れが表せて便利なのですが、使い過ぎな気もしていて… 回答と見比べて、より自然な訳になるようにしたいです。

Everyone would think Italians as bright Latin people who eat pasta, take some wine and talk a lot with full of gestures.

In fact, when we walk in towns in Italy, we can see them chat cheerfully and some people come to talk to us travelers with friendly smile (actually, some of them are merchants), which makes us realize that Italian people are cheerful and talkative.

However, when we say "Italian people", it covers a lot. Some of them are reticent and others are thoughtful.

The land of Italy is 75% of that of Japan, which is composed of a boot-shaped peninsula thrusting from the European continent into Mediterranean Sea, and some islands.

The peninsula of Italy has 1,300 kilometers from north to south, which causes differences between the north and the south in the climate, the geography and their personalities. Economic disparity is also big and has been a pain in the neck in Italy.

実践ビジネス英語 2016年4月 The Writers’ Workshop


「若い夫婦が、おそろいの帽子に…自動車よりも楽しそうに見えます」という文章が非常に長く、and がいくつあっても足らなそうだったので、Imagine ... で始めて、最後に問いかける形にしてみました。

Countrysides in Paris are very beautiful. The color of green there is so vivid.

Every farmhouse, even if it's small, has flower pots with red flowers beside windows and rambling roses creep their walls.

It's like a fairyland. Many people from Paris rush to such a bright countryside by car, bicycle and motorcycle on Saturday and Sunday. Because most of them live in an apartment and they cannot see the sun, when husbands leave for work, wives hurriedly do the things, prepare something like a buggy, woolen yarn, cloths for knitting and some books and then go out to a nearby park.

They bask in the sunshine in the afternoon until the early evening, with letting their children play outside there.

A car is so expensive, but motorcycle is easy to acquire. Imagine a young couple drives speedily on a countryside's road by a motorcycle, with wearing matching hats, sweaters and short pants. The husband holds the handgrips tightly and the wife sits behind him with acting big. Don't you think it's much more fun than by a car?

Because most Parisians think transportation expenses seriously, they usually have a bicycle.

実践ビジネス英語 2016年3月 The Writers’ Workshop


年度末ということもあって、実践ビジネス英語本編も新生活を思わせるトピックになっていますが、The Writers' Workshop は難しい文章が題材となりました。

主な理由は、500〜600字ほどの日本語の文章なのに、句点が6つしかないことです。どれも一文が長く、語順や接続詞の使い方に苦労しました。。"Although ..." で始めた文章があったのですが、Although の終わりまでが長過ぎて文意が取りづらくなったため、", but ..." へ変更したり、関係代名詞でうるさくならないように気をつけました。


It's a great pleasure for me that a writer Kazuo Ishiguro's root is Japan, whose new novel is longed for by many countries all over the world, not only Europe and America.

His mother tongue is not Japanese but English, because when he was young, he left Japan and went to a grammar school in England. Although he writes novels in English and he's a genuine English novelist, I've got interested in his work as a Japanese fan because the characters in his early works, "A Pale View of Hills" and "An Artist of Floating World" (1986) were very Japanese.

Because Japan, as the setting of a novel, probably had been described enough, following novels were set in Europe and Asia.


"The Remains of the Day" became a best seller, which won the Man Booker Prize and was later made into a movie directed by James Ivory and starring Anthony Hopkins.

That novel made a splash worldwide and he became popular as a full-length-novel writer whose novels were excellent literature and whose stories were so attractive that people could not stop reading them. He seemed to become a novelist who would write the virtue of the good old days in England in the setting of history, but from then, he has made great strides.


Readers were invited to a comfortable labyrinth by "The Unconsoled", which makes full use of experimental methods, and "When We were Orphans", which is a mystery novel in the setting of Shanghai and describes sorrow of a man who is trifled with by memory, something kaleidoscopic and vulnerable, and subsequently the world was surprised by "Never Let Me Go", which is regarded as one of his masterpieces.

実践ビジネス英語 2016年2月 The Writers’ Workshop



That is a song like this; A man, who is tired from his travel, finds a light far away in a desert in the evening and reaches a hotel by following it. The hotel possibly used to flourish in the past, but now it’s deteriorated and we cannot see its prosperity. The uncanny hotel depends on the memory of its heyday, which rather insinuates its decadence intensely.

Groans are heard from somewhere even in the midnight, which say "Welcome to Hotel California". Elegant but sorrowful voice incredibly brews a melancholy. Two guitars make aggressive sounds together as if they were wandering in a maze to escape. Besides, the rhythm of reggae playing behind gives off the scent of exoticism.

The song is "Hotel California". It’s sung by, of course, Eagles. Tt’s not enough to say that it determines the scene of California in 1970s, so it’s quick to say that it's one of the most successful groups in the history of American pop music. It was "Hotel California" that was made in fashion by Eagles between 1976 and 1977.

In the song, the traveller orders wine, but is replied as "We haven’t had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine". Literally, "spirit" means the whole alcohol, but here it can be read as a soul or a mind too. 1969 is an anniversary year when the counterculture activity, which appeared in the latter of 60s, had one of its peaks. Like the Woodstock festival, there were some moments where the ideals of young people who posed their new values were achieved as a form of rock. And as a center of such activities and as a representation of freedom, California was a longing place for them.

実践ビジネス英語 2016年1月 The Writers’ Workshop


口語調なのでくだけた表現が多いです。例えば「自分が小人になっちゃったような感じがしました。」という台詞の「なっちゃった」という部分、女性的というか子供っぽいというか、かなりくだけた表現ですよね。日本語だと元々は「なる」+「しまう」(完了)+「た」(過去)の「なってしまった」がくだけて「なっちゃった」という言葉の成り立ちのようです。訳としては、"dwarf" に面白さを込めて "I felt as if I had become a dwarf." としました。


Interviewer: "Yuriika" is not a magazine that's specialized in music, so I'd like to interview you about your cultural background besides music, which cannot be usually known in other media, and of course about your work over 20 years largely from your childhood.

Ms. Kajiura, I heard your father, who worked for a trading company, loved operas, and you accompanied him on the piano. What else do you remember as a formative experience?

Ms. Kajiura: Soon after I went to the 2nd grade in the elementary school, my family moved to Germany. When we arrived at the airport there, my father came, who had been there a bit earlier than us. The scenery of Germany appeared in my eyes as if the world suddenly got 1.5 times wider. The cars and people were big, the roads were wide, the buildings were large, the doors were tall and even the scale of trees around there were different! I remember clearly such an atmosphere. It was completely different from Japanese one. The atmosphere and appearance... anyway everything was really big! I felt as if I had become a dwarf.

Interviewer: You were short then, so they looked much bigger for you, didn't they?

Ms. Kajiura: Right. You know, my father did love the country Germany anyway. He could never wait to go to Germany so much that he chose a company that had a German branch and let him study there.